recycled multi memory card reader from a printer : can i use it ?

Hi all,

I took out a memory card reader from a printer and would like to know if I can use it as an SD reader/writer with arduino. I'm not sure I can, but who knows, maybe one of you made something like that before :wink:
Here are the pics :



Thanks !!

Are you just wanting to recycle the card socket from the board or something more ambitious?

Hi MarkT

I'm not sure what can be done with this recycled part. I wondered if there is anything to do with it, for example linking it to the arduino and have the same functionality of the SD card shield.

I thought an SDcard shield is just an SD socket wired to the SPI pins... The printer PCB will have its own firmware burnt in, with source code and compiler setup I don't think there's anything you can do with it but plug it into the right printer.

"I thought an SDcard shield is just an SD socket wired to the SPI pins"
A good shield will have a level translator to condition the Arduino output signals to 3.3V levels, and also source 3.3V VCC to the card.

Cheap ones will be just a breakout board.
And there are some in the middle that are more than a breakout board but not fully buffered.

I just noticed the chip (or its readable on this bigger screen):
Try a search on Genesys GL819, maybe you can work from there to figure out where the USB connections are on this item.

Thanks everyone.

Well, I did find the datasheet for it, but it's of no use as I can't figure a way to understand it very well :slight_smile:
Also, I found someone on instructables that got the PS3 card reader (GL819 based!) and plug-it on a computer with an USB cable. His ribbon pin connector is not the same as mine, but I e-mailed him. Maybe he can help me.

edit: added the instructables URL

OK, it appears the board itself is a canon logic board called (like all canon boards it semms) "logic board ass'y".
Every logic board in canon printers have a number, mine is QM3-5656. I found some shops on the net that sell this particular board, and some PDF regarding printer repairing (like : change the QM3-XXXX if this or that problem occurs) but nothing related to the electronic wirings of this board ;(

The GL819 from Genesys Logic is a USB Card reader.

The connection from this PCB to the printer electronics is via 4 wire USB, completely standard.

The only way you are going to use this with an Arduino is via an USB shield and some kind of library for Mass storage devices (i don't know if that exsists)

The chip on your PCB is in the 128 pins LQFP housing. Pin 25 is your USB D-, Pin 26 is USB D+

Regarding power, the GL819 wants 3.3V - not 5V as the Arduino usually uses.

Look if there is a voltage regulator on the card reader PCB, if not you'll have to give the board 3.3V your self.

// Per.