Recycling Old Circuit Boards (For Profit?)

Just thought I'd relay a recent experience I had with recycling some old computer/etc. circuit boards -- they are worth money, don't throw them away. I'm actually not quite sure how many computers this entails since I'd been dismantling/collecting parts over quite a few years, and I also had an inordinately large number of circuit boards from hard drives, but it's approximately 10 or so computers. The volume was a little more than what you could pack into the type of cardboard box used for office file folders.

The "Net" is the weight (in pounds) and the "Price" is the price per pound.

Value Recovered: 
Count   Material    Net Price   Total
1   MOTHERBOARDS    31  $2.90   $89.90
2   FINGERBOARDS    9.95    $3.90   $38.81
3   FOREIGN SM SOCKET 5 $2.10   $10.50
4   SLOT PROCESSOR    0.28 $10.50  $2.94
5   GREEN FIBER   0.08 $15.75  $1.26
6   HARD DRIVE BOARD 6  $9.50   $57.00
    SHIPPING        ($30.30)    ($30.30)
    TOTAL           $170.11

"Fingerboards" represent PCI cards, etc; they are valuable for the gold plating on their contacts. "Hard drive board" is the circuit board removed from a hard drive (it's denser / more valuable than a typical board?). The shipping cost refers to the discounted Fedex shipping that the company provides when you prepare to ship to them -- they subtract the cost of the shipping from your total.

I'm not inclined to mention publicly the company that I sent these boards to as I'm not here to advertise for them, but rather just provide a little encouragement to recycle and not simply throw old computers/circuit boards into the trash.

Anyone else scrap electronic junk?

Do you think the value is based on precious metals that can be recovered from the boards? Hopefully it's not a chop shop, I was just reading this article earlier today.

Re the article Jack refers to about chops shops. I wonder if the chip manufacturing process could be made to only permit one heat cycle ( initial assembly ) If the recyclers found that the chips they removed were mostly dead, it wouldnt be worth the trouble removing them?

I read that article as well. It was very good. It makes me even more weary from buying on ebay.