After each electronics project, I have a pile of left-over "clippings"; the ends of resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc. that I've clipped after soldering them to a PCB. In the past, I've always just thrown these clippings out but it occurred to me that there's probably a better, safer way to dispose of these pieces.

When I make jewelry, there's a similar pile of left-over pieces called "sweepings". Of course, in jewelry these sweepings are precious metals (although these days, even copper seems to be a precious metal). Once you have a large amount of sweepings, you send them off to a recycler who sends you back a check for the raw metal value of your sweepings (minus costs).

What do others do with the clippings from electronics? It seems like it might not be good to just throw them out due to the trace amounts of lead from stay solder. Is it possible to recycle these clippings in some way? I wouldn't expect to get any money from recycling them, but it'd be nice to know that the metal gets reused even if it is a small amount. A google search for something like this didn't return anything useful. Any thoughts?

I usually keep the longer one to make jumper wires, but I just throw the shortest ones