RED on 12V LED STRIP not lighting correctly.

i have a project that has a a less than a meter LED strip, the RED doesnt light up correctly, i have two lm2596 hooked up, one running 5v for the Arduino Nano and one running 1.5v for the motors, i used a 12v 1A AC-DC adapter, is there a voltage drop or just the lack of current that’s making the RED unable to light up correctly.

there is an lcd i2c and tactile buttons connected to the 5v of the arduino.

the buttons, lcd, arduino, and the ground wire of the adapter, share the same ground

here is the attachment for my rough sketch of my connection of the LM2596, led and the adapter

No one minds that your sketch is rough; at least you have provided one.

However, it is incomplete, so it is difficult to know what you actually have. You say the LEDs don't light correctly, well, as shown in your sketch they won't light at all as there is no connection to -VE shown.

Please re-draw your schematic showing everything. It would also help if you took some photos of what you have and posted those too.

hi i'm sorry for the incomplete schematic, i made one with all of the connections made.

edit: heres the link to google drive i cant seem to attach it here IMG_20200115_225040.jpg - Google Drive

i forgot to mention, the green and blue lights up okay, but not the red.

Sorry, you need to attach it. I and many others here are not keen to download stuff from external sites when we don't know what's there. What are you doing to attach it? You managed it OK the first time.

I forgot to mention, the green and blue lights up okay, but not the red.

Also missing from your diagram...

Try swapping the connections, so put the blue or green connection in place of the red.