Redistributing Arduino drivers

Hi all,

I’m embedding an Arduino Mega inside a (non-commercial) product, which I’ll be handing over to a team that is hopefully going to use it to their advantage. I want to make the software that comes with it as user-friendly as possible, so I would prefer to package the Arduino drivers along with my custom software (none of which relies on the Arduino IDE). Is this legal?


jorenheit: I would prefer to package the Arduino drivers along with my custom software...

Please define what you mean by "Arduino drivers"...

Hi, thanks for replying, and I'm sorry it took so long before I noticed this.

By "Arduino Drivers" I mean the contents of the "drivers" folder that comes with the Arduino software.

My gut instinct would be to say "yes" - I mean, they are already being distributed with an open source package (ie - the Arduino IDE/system) - so there shouldn't be any problem with you doing the same. I would still wait for others to chime in on this topic (and if you really want to cover yourself - ie, if this is for a commercial "for sale" product - talk to a lawyer).

That's what my gut instinct says. The project is non-commercial and way too small in scale for this to really become an issue, but I just wanted to make sure. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if others weigh in :-)


As far as I can tell, the driver is distributed under an LGPL license. (The alternative is that it is distributed under a GPL license.)

My understanding is: you have to provide a method for relinking (does not apply); you cannot alter the copyright, license, or package (I assume you will not be so dastardly as to misrepresent what it is and where it came from).

However, if the Arduino Mega was purchased in the previous 12 months or is not an "authentic" board I encourage you to make a small donation.