RedQueen Home Security System

Nearly every aspect of this project would have been impossible without the help and support from all of you. Thank you!

This will be a running log of progress made and code used so that others like me might benefit from my mistakes.

Project: Home Security System - RedQueen Prototype

Objective: Monitor my home's entryways and alert me and any intruders when a breach is detected.


  • Raspberry Pi 2 B+
  • Raspberry Pi 7 in. Touch Screen
  • Arduino Uno
  • PTH Addressable RGB LEDs with WS2812
  • Various reed switch sensors: 4 each for every zone of the house.
  • Four 6 Ohm High Frequency Speakers
  • Four 6 Ohm Full Range Speakers

Overview: The home is divided into several zones each with four entryways. Each zone consists of four switches wired in series and linked to an analog pin on the Uno. At each entryway is a reed switch which has no resistance when closed (secure) and a unique resistance when opened. Depending on the value read by the analog pin for that zone the exact combination of open entryways is known.

For zones with four entryways there are a total of 16 possible combinations of open/shut doors/windows. My program looks at the signal and designates a code of 1 through 16 for that zone.

Depending on the user settings, time of day, etc. the system will either beep a tone, sound an alarm, light LEDs or perform any other assortment of tasks.

I have chosen only one zone to start; the furthest from my hub (Master Bedroom) and most likely to have issues with noise. This zone will also be the simplest to fully monitor as it will require only door sensors (no windows).

The biggest issue for me, a beginner, has been the interface between the Pi and Arduino board. I have tried I2C using the Wire library and am currently using Firmata on both devices to use the Pi to read my analog signal values on the Arduino. I'm sure this will continue to evolve until I find a method that satisfies my system's needs.

I will document the various portions of this project in later posts with code and pictures alike. I will also link to those posts below.

I am very excited to continue working on this project and see it through to completion. I hope my approach to all of this, with my background in Mechanical Engineering, will be helpful for others in my situation who might feel in a little over their heads with this stuff.