Reduce amount of program memory used

I have two projects, one which saves sensor data to an SD card and another which transmits the data over LoRa Radio to my TheThingNetwork app. I want to combine the two in order to ensure data is saved even if it fails to send over LoRa. However, this new combined code is too big for the Pro Mini I have been implementing the projects on. I have begun reducing the storage used by commenting out serial commands, but some guidance on other storage saving methods, such as alternative libraries which are smaller, or changes to the code would be a great help.

The code did not fit within the character limit, so I have zipped the project and added as an attachment. Hex keys were removed for privacy.

Thanks (11.4 KB)

Don’t zip it. Post the files separately. Or attach them separately. Due to some recent malicious code that got passed around, you’re going to have a hard time getting folks to want to unzip something from someone they don’t know.