Reduce Sensiron SHT1x precision


I've looked at: and and I don't know how I can reduce the precision from 14/12 bits to 8/8 bits. It takes 1 s. to take both temp. + hum. if I call the read functions and it's too much.


The spease library has a function which writes to the status register. From the datasheet, you write 1 into the low-order bit to get "8bit RH / 12bit Temp" instead of the default 12RH/14Temp - there is no 8/8. writeSR(1) should do the trick. The other library doesn't have a function to write to the status register.


Thanks! It worked. Now it takes ~90 ms for the measurements.

Btw, the spease library actually took ~330 ms initially, not 1 s like the other one. I wrongly ran the same one twice.

FYI: the datasheet says it "takes a maximum of 20/80/320ms for a 8/12/14bit measurement" so it should take a maximum of 100ms for the 8/12 and 400ms for the 12/14 measurements. I had a brief look at the practicalarduino library and I think it will take slightly longer for a 12/14 conversion than the spease does, but not one second. One second is its timeout while waiting for the SHT to indicate that the conversion is complete. It also just ignores the CRC which is not a good idea.


If you use the Adafruit library then SHT31_MEAS_HIGHREP is default and there is a delay of 500ms due to some conflict with the RFM69HCW board.