Reducing the power consumption On pro mini help

Hi I am using the pro mini and wish to reduce the power consumption. I did a lot of reading where you eliminate the LED and the on board regulator. I first cut the trace on the LED as one article advised. The whole board died. I then tried to bridge the two traces and nothing worked. I took a new board and removed the regulator with a hot iron as an article advised and the whole board died. Could someone please instruct me on what I am doing wrong? Thank you



The regulator is needed to convert a higher voltage to the 5v operating voltage.

However, regulator is also a power hog, even when not using it, hence why people remove it.

General low power approach is to power with external 5v on the Vcc pin. For 1S LiPo battery, you can also power it straight to vcc; this is a great way, though have to make sure you dont have it connected to computer and battery at same time (on pro mini, I do this by bringing power into the vcc pin on ftdi serial connector, thus physically preventing a dangerous configuration). Insanely long standby time (years) is possible if everything is in sleep.

However, for your application, there are a few reasons this isnt appropriate...

The first thing is, those 9v smoke detector batteries have miserable capacity. 1.5 hrs sounds about right for that load.

Secondly, most of your load is the servo, and if you are trying to run a servo a much, that will dominate your power consumption.

4xAA would get much better battery life; power on vcc with a silicon diode in series with the arduino's power to drop the 6v to like 5.3, which is barely within spec. But if you're moving the servo a lot, your battery life will always be fairly short.

Feeding 9V into the 5V pin can damage the processor.

The result might be a slow death; the board might be working now but in future it might not behave as expected. Just be aware of that.