Reducing total power consumption of Uno + ethernet shield

Hi all. I have a project I'm working on that will run 247. Measuring the consumption of the Uno with ethernet shield attached was pretty shocking, 240mA!

I would like to try and get this down a bit. I guess I could disable all the LED's, is there anything else I could do? I notice the ethernet shield has a 3.3v regulator onboard, could I not use the 3.3v from the arduino?

Any other options would be good :slight_smile:

I don't think that low current consumption and Ethernet will ever go well together. The options I can see are:

Don't use Ethernet.
Use Power Over Ethernet.
Provide a local power source.

Shame :frowning: what is it that is actually pulling all that power?

I don’t think any of those options will help. Will it not pull the same power over POE?

Seems as 99% of the time the whole circuit will sit idol, I thought maybe I could switch on the Ethernet shield from an arduino pin only when I want to transmit data? But this would probably mess up the sketch because the set up stuff for the Ethernet shield would not run?