Redux (Windows 10 com port changes after uploading program) Nano 33 BLE Sense

After experiencing the com port changing after upload on the Nano 33 BLE Sense, I found this post from May of 2020:, "Windows 10 com port changes after uploading program". I was going to basically reply and say I have this problem too, but since it was last replied to over 120 days ago, the forum had a note suggesting I create a new post instead.

The May 2020 post describes the behavior quite well, but it did not have a resolution at that time.

My question: is there a solution to this problem using the Arduino Desktop IDE now?

The problem is in your PC.
Try another USB port.

If it's in the PC, then a lot of people's Windows PCs have problems.

I just do a double reset to put it in bootloader mode every time before uploading because it ends up being less hassle in the end.

Guess that's what I'll do. Thanks Pert.

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