reed relay switch

Hi Everyone, I currently have this: I want to run a 9v through the line, but i'm getting a very weak signal and probably because of the .5A line. Do you guys have any recommendation on a higher one that can handle about 12v through the line?


You need to give more detail about your circuit.

That relay needs 12V to operate the coil. Are you providing it with 12V?

That relay will switch up to 60V (DC) at up to 0.5A. Are you asking it to switch more than 60V (DC) or 0.5A?

Hi there Peter,
Here is what I want to do(please see attachment).
Should I get this reed relay instead for my need then?

Its hard to be sure, because the first page you linked to implied a 12V coil in some places and a 5V coil in others, and never actually said explicitly what the coil characteristics were.

The second one you linked to appears to be a 5V coil judging by the title but, again, doesn't explicitly state that in the spec. It seems to me that the second one or more likely to be suitable but I'd prefer to know the spec for sure before wasting time and money on it.