Reed switch for bicycle speed meter

I want to make a speed meter for my bicycle with a magnet on the front wheel and a reed switch toggled by it. I can attach the reed switch about 4-5 cm away from the magnet. But is the reed switch the best component for this? I feel like the vibration and movement might toggle it even when the magnet is not close. I also tested the copper wire coil which outputs a signal when magnet moves near it but the output was between 0-10 mV, that doesn't seems reliable.

I also found 2 types of reed switch, how are they different?

Maybe you just need a hall effect sensor. Hall Effect Sensor is a magnetic field sensor. depending on what model you buy, you can detect only one pole or both pole. Please look it up.

Like these? 20PCS SENSITIVE HALL-EFFECT SWITCHES SENSOR SIP3 OH3144 3144OH A3144E A3144 3144 | eBay
They are pretty cheap.
Any drawbacks to using them instead of reed switch?

They need 3 wires instead of 2.

Otherwise better.


Ok thanks a lot