Reed switch issue.

Hi Folks, first post.
I have an object that is moved from side to side by a Trapezoidal ACME Lead Screw powered by a 12vDC reversible motor with a remote control receiver
I need to stop the motor just short of each end of the screw thread and guess that a magnetic NC reed switch would achieve this.
However once at the end of the thread the switch is opened and the power disconnected I won’t be able to reverse the motor to send the object to the other end of the lead screw without manually moving it away from the switch thus defeating the purpose of the remote control.
Is there a way around this?
Apologies for any errors in my terminology – I’m new to all of this!

NC reed switches are few and far between.

Suggest you use a NC/NO mechanical limit switch.

Show us what you propose your schematic might look like.

The normal circuit for this places the switches in the motor circuit (not supply), and has a diode across
each switch so that each switch only disables the motor in one direction. Snubber components may also
be needed.

Anyway, details of your motor would help decide on appropriate switch ratings, and snubber components.

If there is an Arduino controlling the motor, then the reed switch might tell the Arduino to stop the motor. But you have not mentioned and Arduino, so I guess this is just an electrical question.