Reference Design BOMs

Hi All,

Although I have plenty of electronics design experience, and experience with other Atmel MCU families, I'm new to Arduino specifically.

I've been looking through a number of Arduino reference designs and can not find anything specifying approved parts. Since the correct functioning of the Arduino hardware and software depends on the correct specific parts being used in derived designs, how is this controlled within the Arduino community? For example, if I want to find the original reference design manufacturer and part numbers for the stacking connectors for shields, is that available as part of the open-source hardware documentation?

After much searching and asking around, it seems that Arduino designs do not have controlled BOMs. I came across a lot of questions out there about BOMs and part numbers, so clearly others are used to controlled designs having controlled part sources. So let's just be clear that Arduino doesn't, unless I've missed something and someone can correct me.

And add the fact that the cheap Asian E-bay clones of most of the Arduino boards probably sell at a 100:1 ratio (just a WAG), that actual parts used can vary other then the main two AVR chips. The most professional type step I've seen from the Arduino Co. is that the current Uno and Mega boards applied and received FCC approval.

it seems that Arduino designs do not have controlled BOMs.

The "reference designs" do not have controlled BOMs. Who knows what happens behind the doors of the official manufacturers. (I would assume that they have a more controlled BOM. But since the designers and the production facility are essentially the same company, perhaps not...) As retrolefty implies, most of the parts are very generic.

PS: if you put together a proven BOM, it would be nice to see it published.