Reference is missing EEPROM data

Apparently this is where I should comment on the Arduino Reference section.

The EEPROM info at

Does not seem to appear on either the

It would seem it should appear in the Extended page, maybe alongside PROGMEM, but I don't have the authority to do so.

Hi , it's there but hard to find!

You have to use the "Libraries" link at the very top of the Reference-homepage.

You are absolutely right to complain about it, nobody can find the libraries-reference from there.

There really should be a note in a large, bold font : Libraries Reference this way please !


Yea, this has definitely been a problem. I added a couple of links to libraries page from the language reference home page. Maybe that will help.

Got it, thanks. Not sure that I would have though to look there, but with the new links, the chances are much higher.