Reference MAIN var/func from a TAB

case example:

I have my MAIN.ino sketch.
I have my TAB.h tab.

in main->setup, I call tab.setup();
in main->loop, I call tab.loop();
so far, pretty basic.

now, lets say I handle serial input in the tab,
and have a basic switch-case.
case 1: callFunction_1();
case 2: callFunction_2();

only, I want function_1, function_2 etc’ - to be in MAIN. ino .

Can I do that without going 'round-the-bush?
(i could in MAIN say something like var A=TAB.answer(),
and then use A, but i feel like it is programatically wrong for my case)

and thank you .

help. :o

If anyone comes across this some day -

apparently, you can use header methods.
As long as you place the includes underneath it,
it should work.

in main tab:

void someMethod(int param_1, int param_2);


void setup(){ ... }
void loop(){ ... }

void someMethod(int param_1, int param_2){ ... }

can you post your code (inside </>)?

it’s not clear to me what you mean by "main->setup, ". this suggests main is a structure/class containing a function setup(). but somewhere there is a main()