Reference page correction abs() function

Hi guys

The documentation for abs() has a slight typo (highlighted in red):

x: if x is greater than or equal to 0.
**-**x: if x is less than 0.

Whereas abs(-3) = 3 so that should read

x: if x is less than 0.


Cheers !

Hi again,

Having thought on this more, it’s actually mathematically correct as it’s stated…but perhaps could do with an example as when I tried to use this to explain the function this page caused confusion.

Feel free to disregard :slight_smile:

An example would be nice. Several people have tripped up on this…
x = abs (3); x > 0, therefore return x (3).
x = abs(-3); x < 0, therefore return -x: (- (-3)), which is 3.