Reference to Arduino 101 forums: Arduino 101 getting HOT!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

This is just a reference to the Arduino 101 forum board where I posted a hardware issue with the Arduino 101 board. That post may be found here: I think it may also be a good resource for anyone experiencing that problem on other boards so I am referencing it in this general board as well. That sub-forum also seems kind of quiet, and I haven't seen a reply in two days, so I thought a little publicity on this forum's board may also help.

If you have any replies related to the solution of that post, please post on that thread.

As per forum instructions, it is ill-advised to cross-post, that being said,I hope this doesn't qualify as cross-posting. However, you can let me know if this is improper etiquette in this comment section ;D

Thank you much or your time, and any help is greatly appreciated!! :D

Tech-Guy: I hope this doesn't qualify as cross-posting.

When I saw your copy of this in General Discussion I thought "well they're cross posting but I guess I'm not going to complain". Now you post it again here in Installation & Troubleshooting, it's definitely cross posting, against the rules and disrespectful of this forum.

Hey! Thanks for repling to my thread!

If you explain clearly how this is cross posting then I will change this to "Rules and Regulations:What NOT to Do - An Example of Cross Posting"

Because I am still not sure how this qualifies as cross posting. Thank ya again for your reply, funny how this post had the first reply to my subject in 3 days xD

Thank you for your time!