Reflective IR Sensor

Dear all,

I'm interested in a Reflective IR sensor. Looking around I found a solution like this:

As you can see they ship from Hong Kong. After writing or contacting thru Skype no answer. Does anyone know a secure place to buy something similar? Or maybe a schema to make one? Or does anyone bought something from elechouse?

As you can see, it has a range from 1 to 200cm. This is what make it interesting to me.


See or

Hi, Here's one with a similar function:

And you can talk to me at YourDuino any time:

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Thank's a lot for answering.

I don't need a distance sensor, but a reflective one. With the distance sensor by sharp I need a potentiometer or something similar to change the detection distance on the fly.

Elechouse has answered me and think to go with those solution.



What are you trying to sense?

Do you need to know various distances, or just "within some distance"?

If you really want to know how far away objects are, Ultrasonic Sensors usually work best.


Dear Terry,

I'm trying to sense a bat. Think that as bat are ultrasonic sensible, maybe the ultrasonic sensor can influence them.

So I'm looking for a ir sensor. Maybe could someone can help me to adapt to Arduino...

OK, so you are trying to sense "something is within some distance and is reflecting enough IR to trigger my sensor"....

How much space / volume could the bat(s) you are trying to sense be within? Small or large volume?

What do you want to do when you DO sense a bat??

Hi Terry, thank’ s a lot for answering.

After sensing a bat I need to shot a camera. This means that I cannot sense it in a large volume, because the camera need to be prefocused on a ‘certain’ point.

So, motion sensor like PIR are not suitable for that. The common solution is something similar to what I’ve linked in my previous post, but they’re industrial photocell and I don’t know ho to adapt them to Arduino. No problem about external power for photocell, but I don’t know how to use it with arduino (signal, connection etc.).


Why not go with the sharp sensors? Phidgets also sell a nice interface board, no potentiometers or other interfacing needed.

This one senses up to 150cm. Is that enough?

Another approach used for wildlife photography is to set up a IR source and sensor as a "beam" that is interrupted by the wildlife.

A few results from Google="IR wildlife photography trigger"

A result:

Over shorter differences, IR LEDs and Phototransistor sensors might work up to a couple of meters, in the dark.

But longer distances need the LEDs pulsed at something like 38khz and use 38khz receivers like most TV remotes etc.

There are commercial units like this:

Bouncing one of these off a mirror would give you a "v" shaped detection pattern? 2 or 3 could define some volume?

Just some ideas....

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Dear Terry,

I already have a IR beam system up to 5 meters. Your infrared beam system pair also sounds very good, maybe I will write to you for more info.

I need something simple, with only one module, because sometimes is not possible to setup two module with cable included :)

Hope you understand.