Refuses to upload - newbie

Hi Guys

I just bought an Arduino (Duemilanova) 2 days ago, my first foray into microcontrollers etc. Only trouble is I can't upload to it, not even blink will upload. Specifics of the problem: Windows XP I have installed both drivers I am selecting the correct port I click upload and the screen just says "Uploading to I/O Board" indefinitely. The tx light flashes, rx light does nothing. The aurdino program freezes (the Logitech conflict mentioned in the documentation is not running). To get it to stop I either unplug the board or hold the reset button. I have gone through every step of the troubleshooting and got nothing. I have tried this on two computers, bought a different cable and even bought a new Arduino. No change. Just a frozen program and a blinking tx light.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Pointing and laughing is also welcomed although less appreciated.

You’ve selected the port but have you selected the right board too?


Cool just checking

Apparently selecting the board to be "Arduino Diecimila or Duemilanove" is the wrong way to go (when connecting to a Duemilanove).

Works now with "Arduino w/ ATmega328"

Thank you very much trialex, I started checking each option out of desperation and boredom just to be sure.

Well you didn't say you had upgraded the processor to a '328!

I think it's becoming apparent that the IDE needs to change to make it more obvious that you need to select the right processor - too many people are making the same mistake.

I didn’t upgrade it though, that’s just how it came from the place I bought it. Didn’t think twice about it having a different processor than was standard.

Oh well, all good now.