hi guys,
Iam using attiny85 in that controller i wanna store some values in internal EEPROM can anybody send me a sample code without using library file.thanks in advance

Lol @ 'sample code' requests.

Why do you not want to use a library?
How are you programming the ATTiny85?
Are you using a bare chip or a dev board?

Why can't you use the EEPROM library?

EEPROM.h definitely works on the Tiny85 (actually, I think it works over Atmel's entire 8-bit AVR product line without modification); I was going to say it worked with my core, but I thought about it for a moment, and I can't think of any ways that a different core could prevent it from working.

In any event, the datasheet contains example C code (which works in Arduino) to write and read from the EEPROM. Pages 18 and 19.

Definitely works on ATTiny85 and yes, afaik, the entire AVR line

The only caveat is with processor that have 256 bytes or less of EEPROM. Obviously the high address byte register is not present on such processors.

But, for that to be an issue, one would have to be directly manipulating the registers.