Reg. #'s to hex #'s???

I recently bought an LCD screen from Sparkfun, as well as a joystick kit. I want to interface the two to make a simple game system. The problem is, the LCD uses hex code and the joystick uses ordinary numbers. Does anyone have a bit of code (in the Arduino language) that would convert the regular numbers into hex numbers?

Numbers are numbers, until you need to convert them to some external format. And I doubt whether either the LCD or the joystick you have actually uses one of those external formats that would require conversion...

It's surprising how often is this misunderstood. I ran across some code recently (at a software megacorp that prides itself on hiring from the top 10%) that did:

sprintf(buf, "%d", var);
var2 = atoi(buf);

because "[var] is not actually a decimal number; it's part of an octet string." Grr.