Regain signal: NRF24l01+

I am having some trouble with NRF24L01+. I can get it to send data back and forth as I want to, but once I lose the signal (from walking out of range) I can't regain it no matter how close I get the antennas to eachother. However I did find another way to do it, if I havent recieved any data in 2 sec i reset the arduino via a digitalWrite. But shouldn't there be a better way to regain the signal?

I don't think it has anything to do with my code, since I've had the exact same problem before with different codes, even with both the Mirf and RF24 examples.

Hi Kalveo,

I've been using the RF24 library with nrf24l01+ radios and I never experienced such problem.

I have a guess.. these radios are really sensitive to the power conditions, so if you are also using some other sensors/shields or so, this problem could be related to the power supply.
If it is your scenario, try to remove all other sensors/shields and try to do the tests with the radio again.

Well, when I am using sensors together with the NRF that has caused the signal to be lost earlier. But once I have lost the signal, I cant regain it without resetting the receiver, no matter if I am using sensors or just the NRF.