Regarding calibration factor of HX711 80kg Load Cell With Arduino UNO

Hello everyone,
I am stuck with the calibration factor when interfacing load cell HX711(80kg) with Arduino UNO. I cannot get the exact value of the calibration factor.I have tried many programs from many websites.No one found the calibration factor for 80kg.So if anyone know the formula for calculating calibration factor,comment below.

Load_Cell.ino (3.81 KB)


This link (calibrating Load Cell + HX711) could be helpful for you.


Can you send the detailed code for the load cell? And I have load cell with these four colors(Red,White,Green and Black).Send me the connection of these load cell with arduino uno?

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I understand the link.But i have a problem with my load cell connection.I have the four colors Green,Red,Black and White.But in your link you have the colors of Green,Orange,Blue and White connected to E+,E-,A+ and A-.My doubt is that which colors of my load cell should be connected to E+,E-,A+ and A-?

Check if there is any paper label on the load cell, which should contain the description of the signals (which two are excitation and which two are output); otherwise, you must go on trial-and errors. Don't be afraid, the load cell will not be damaged.

Mine 20 kg load cell offers:

about 400 ohm across excitation terminals (5V and 0V).
about 350 ohm across output terminals.