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hi to everyone,thanks for this forum member for your help,i am using a 24 volts dc motor for my electric wheel chair,i am using h-bridge to control the voltage ,i am also using a rotatory encoder to determine the pulses this is the encoder i am using from spark fun electronics.

  1. i am not able to connect the encoder with the motor
  2. one more question as my using a h bridge to bump up my voltage to drive 24 voltage motor ,i am not getting that much voltage ,is there any options for buying another electronic component that drives more voltage.
    Rotary Encoder - 200 P/R - COM-10790 - SparkFun Electronics

What H-bridge are you using? Is it rated for the current your motor uses?

what does "I am not able to connect the encoder with the motor" mean? You need to describe what you're having trouble with - that could be "I don't know how to write the code", or "I don't know how to physically attach it to the motor" or "I don't know how to connect it" or "I connected it up like this, and used this code, and I expected it to do this, but instead it did that"

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thanks for your reply,i donot know how can i connect the rotatory encoder ,do i need to need to connect with an arduino or dc motor,i am little bit confusing ,i donot know where can i find the code for a rotatory encoder.

as my using a h bridge to bump up my voltage to drive 24 voltage motor

A H bridge does not bump up the voltage it switches the voltage you apply to it.
If you are not getting 24V from a 24V supply then you are drawing too much current from it and need a bigger power supply.

You need to physically connect the encoder to the shaft of the motor. Then you need to wire up the encoder to the Arduino. Like this

What do you mean by connect? Physical rotating shaft, or electrical wiring?

What is your power supply? Care to tell us what motor exactly and what H-bridge exactly?
Its hopeless guessing what hardware you have.

The OPs Sparkfun encoder.

Now this is a REAL encoder...
The OP probably doesn't have any mechanical way of connecting the encoder to the motor shaft.

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Are we talking bout the same thing?

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You need to post a photo of the motor you want to connect it to and state whether that motor is already mounted and if so how ? In addition you need to state what resources you have to accomplish this. Encoders are mounted a variety of ways. Typically a shaft coupler is used to couple the two shafts. When that is not possible drive pulleys are used to translate the rotation of the motor shaft to the shaft of the encoder using rubber belts or something similar.