Regarding L297

hi, I am using L297 and L298 for controlling the a stepper motor.My question is what is sequence to be followed in programming the L297 with the micro controller for each pin .Especially can explain me the control pin what should we do and how to configure.

You don’t have to do anything, these two chips do it all for you in terms of sequences. The L297 supplies the correct sequence to the L298 driver.

All the arduino inputs should go to the L297. The basic signals are the clock (step) and direction (cw/ccw) which are self explanatory.
The enable line puts current through the coils, when it is enabled the coils lock the motor at its present position. When not enabled there is no coil current and the motor is free(ish) to rotate under an external force.

Reset will reset the sequence - mainly you want to tie that high.
Half / full will step the motor in half steps or full steps.

See this for an explanation.