Regarding MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix

Hello Arduino community,

I would like to ask a question about FC-16 MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix. I read the tutorial here
However, the tutorial only show how to display a string continuously on the LED panel.
However, I would like to display 4 characters: each characters on a 8x8 area. This LED panel include 4 x (8x8). I would like to display character individually. Could anyone please point me a function to do it?, or any other library can do it? I took a look at the library, but there is no function like setCursor()

The easiest way is to make the character definition (bitmap) 8x8. Then it will take up the whole module.

This blog post has a simple program (no library required) to do what you want for just number display. You can add in letters. Using the MAX7219 in your Projects – Part 2 – Arduino++

Dear Marco,
Thank you for your comment and your link.
I took a look at the link you provided. I am a beginner. It looks complicated for me because there is no instruction for 4-in-1 LED matrix (as image I posted). Is there anyway to use your library: GitHub - MajicDesigns/MD_MAX72XX: LED Matrix Library or any other library?

If you read the blog then you should know that that code is for fc16 4 matrix module. You should be able to copy this and just use it.

No code is going to be simple, it’s just whether you see the code or not. You can do with MDMAX72xx library, but you need to calculate the start point of each character and then draw the character at that point, like the example code in the blog, so it will not be simple either. You could try LedControl but again I am not sure what support there is for your specific requirements.

Thank you very much for your comment. I added karma ^^
Because I am doing research to determine buy this LED module or not. I have no module to test now. This module is the best suitable for me. Based on the library example code, I write a simple code to display each character separately on each block (8x8) as below:

#include <MD_MAX72xx.h>

#define MAX_SETS  4

#define CS_PIN    10  // or SS


void setup() {

  // display 1, 2, 3, 4 on each of 4 of 8x8 blocks
  for (char i = 0; i < MAX_SETS; i++) {
    ledMatrix.setChar(i * COL_SIZE + 1, '1' + i); 

void loop() {

Could you please tell me whether it is possible to work?

Oh for goodness' sake, buy it now. :astonished:

Buy two of them! If you are experimenting, having more than one makes things a lot easier. You should have at least two Nanos (UNOs are too clumsy), clones generally work perfectly well. When not connected to a PC, you feed your 5 V supply to the "5V" pin on the Arduino to power it.

One seller on Aliexpress.

The green ones are nice! Note you want ones - like this - with the matrix modules socketed, not soldered directly.

Without actually running your code, I would say that in general the code is about right.

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