regarding usage of arduino board

can this board be used in a commercial product?

Don't see why not. The Amtel chips can of course!.


Don’t see why not. The Amtel chips can of course!.


It depends on what the license the Arduino libraries are licensed under. If it is under the straight GPL, it may mean you have to make the source available for any device you sell/give away. If it is under the LGPL, the requirements are a bit looser. Obviously if it is released under a different open source license, it depends on the terms of the license.

thank you all

Just to expand a bit more on Michael's comment.
As he said the potential issues will be with the s/w not the hardware.
A particular sticky point with open source can be compatibility between different open source licenses
since not the code and libraries are licensed under the same license.
For example, GPL v3 has some compatibility restrictions that will not allow to be combined with
other source (depending on that other source's license)
and then shipped in binary form even if the full source to all the code is supplied.
While the full source can be shipped to a customer who can build the final binary,
this can prevent shipping a board with pre-compiled code on it.

and BTW,
If any library is GPL, particularly if it is GPL v3 then you will have
to release the full source of the project.
And that means you cannot use any closed source in the project.

--- bill