Regards storing of data


I am working on ADXL335 in which i am getting output as x,y,z value. by using excel i am plotting the dimensions, now

  1. i required to store all value in arduino only.
  2. if i suppose store out side file like excel it taking storage of 25kb, now i need to compare those stored value to new coming dimensions of x,y,z values and i want to give some pin/value/anything as output it can be transferred by any Bluetooth device.

please help me
Thank you.

The Arduino does have an emulated EEPROM to store memory into, but it is very small (1.024 kb). Alternatively, there are micro SD adapters for Arduino. You can get one for about $5 and put a micro SD card in, then it can create files to store data in them.

The Arduino does have an emulated EEPROM



Probably in reference to the DUE.


ok thank you