Regs for timer

I tried to find any info before i making this post.... I didnt found any of it.

I'm trying to access to the RTT_VR that is mension in the datasheet.

I want to be able to read the value of the timer at a surtain point.

PS: English is not my native language, so... sorry if i couldnt explain my self in a better way.

Most of the register addresses are pre defined constants, just use them to read and write to.

maybe im not accessing to them properly, i cant use TC_CV, it said that was not declare in this scope

Look at the data sheet. Is is called that exactly?

If you look at the data sheet you will see there is no register called TC_CV, there is however a TC_CV0, TC_CV1 and TC_CV2. It also tells you the address, each register occupies four bytes:-

37.7.13 Name: Address: Access: TC Counter Value Register TC_CVx [x=0..2] 0x40080010 (0)[0], 0x40080050 (0)[1], 0x40080090 (0)[2], 0x40084010 (1)[0], 0x40084050 (1)[1], 0x40084090 (1)[2], 0x40088010 (2)[0], 0x40088050 (2)[1], 0x40088090 (2)[2] Read-only • CV: Counter Value CV contains the counter value in real time.