Regulating Pre Made RGB LED's - Fiber Optic Illuminator

Hi Guys,

So I had initially planned to create something that involved around 120 RGB LED's that changed color according to some arduino code I have...this was getting a little confusing so I thought hey, why not use one light source to provide 120+ strands of fiber optic!

Before attempting to make my own fiber optic illuminator, I was wondering if/how easy it might be to basically tap into an existing fiber optic illuminator and regulate the color that way (RGB illuminators simply change color on a pre-set sequence which isn't what I want).

I don't know too much about circuitry and Arduino so I am not entirely sure how I would go about this or even if its possible. I had a couple illuminators in mind - one is a smaller scale project based which looks super simple and probably something I could figure out, the other is more substantial - I would prefer working with the second choice as I would imagine it provides a much stronger light source. Here are the links: (perhaps not this exact one but something like this)

Thanks for any help!