Regulation of water flow


I'm wondering if anyone has an experience on regulation the solenoid valve with arduino, not just ON / OFF, but regulation flow of water depending on voltage or somehow.

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I've never used one, but look for a "Proportional Solenoid Valve". [u]Here's[/u] one manufacturer. ...Looks expensive.

You'd also need a flow-sensor if you want to precisely control the flow-rate.

If you have N on/off valves, each with a manual flow limiter, you can achieve 2^N flow rates... Some sort of Gray Code scheme would probably be useful...

Really thanks both of you for your answers and help.

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You make no mention of the flow rate.

For low dosing type rates, a model servo can be used to pinch a flexi silicone tube,

you have a couple of paths.

a peristaltic pump or dosing pump with put out a known volume. then number for rotations = volume. easy to calculate.

for flow, a spinning wheel sensor is most common as the cost is so low.

pressure across an orifice is also calculable. you can motorize a needle valve to get a calculated flow (as opposed to measured) forget those cheap ball valves. total waste of time. read up on controlling flow and flow control valves. select what is workable for your wallet and application. if you buy 10 solenoid, and each has a different orifice size, and you can hold incoming pressure constant, you can just open the valves to get a flow. the first having a unit of 1, the second would have a unit value of 2, the third the unit vale of 4. in combination, you can get from 1 to 7. just keep adding unit values.

A cheap source of rotary ball valves, which is what the OP needs can be found in battery operated garden hose timers which you can buy at any hardware store. You have to pull the timer apart, and remove the ball valve. They usually run off 3V or 6V, depending on the type of timer.