I haven't been here for like 4 years. Ive got numerous of PM's here where my library's are (dead server)

So here are all my library's i have made then (deprecated haha)

All of my old code is for before arduino version 0020 AT90CAN128 with CAN support ATTINY84 CORE files Lego Powerfunctions Remote Sender Lego Powerfunctions Reciver

I have started with arduino again. I'm busy on a project again that got me fired up again. Sadly Arduino is not like riding a bike, Ive forgotten most things :zipper_mouth_face:

Hoi SuperCow, welkom terug.

Since your last activities, a lot has changed. IDE has evolved a bit and we're now at v 1.0.5. Older libraries that worked with a version lower than 1.0 will likely not work anymore. Did you know that, and did you adapt these libraries of yours ?

Yes, of course i know.

That why it told its deprecated. But i got like 20 pm's in my box, so i thought i put it up again. And if there is a request i probably can update them for the 1.0 version