Relay control sketch will not compile. Please help

I found this sketch somewhere. It won’t compile do to the error “T was not declared”.
I have tried everything that was available on the net.
Please see sketch attached. Quite large in my opinion.

LightPower.ino (16.9 KB)

Please see the forum guidelines about posting code inline using the code tags </> instead of as attachments.

Without knowing exactly I suspect you need to uncomment this line

//#include <Streaming.h>

And make sure the accompanying library is installed on your system.

I added that line and lib per someone elses advice. It didn't help. thanks.
I thought the code file was too big to post that's why I attached it.

Did you restart the arduino IDE after adding the library? The IDE searches all the libs on boot up so a new one won’t be recognized at compile time.