Relay module: FC-130

This is my first attempt working with a relay.

Currently the relay is receiving power, and when I push the button hooked up to a breadboard it makes the relay's red LED light up but it does not activate the relay switch.

This relay came with absolutely no documentation, and I cant find any online either. Something I'll be researching before buying products in the future...

I included a pic to show my wiring, this is how those wires are hooked up:

Top 2 terminals on the relay:

  • Normaly Open red wire goes to the 24V power supply
  • Normaly closed red goes to my miltimeter
    (I tried changing these to the common, and normal open etc... various tutorials I've seen do it different ways, seems to make no change here)
  • Multimeter ground wire goes to the ground on the 24V power supply

Lower terminals from left to right:
DC+ = 5V from the arduino
DC- = Ground from the arduino
CH1 = Input from an arduino pin

VCC = 5V from an independent power source
GRND = ground from independent power source

any advice would be appreciated.

No picture, does the relay click when you switch CH1 from GND to 5V?