Relay resets the atmega328p

In the future projects I want to use these modules for 12V, 5V and 3.3V as power supply to the digital part so that it would be completely isolated from the rest of the power electronics. Is it recommended? or are they having any hidden problems?

Keeping the wires grouped is very important. You need to obtain some “Dupont” shells which hold as many of the pins as possible instead of the single pin shells. I think you can get 10 by 1 shells, but at least 5 by 1s. Using the multiple pin shells not only allows you to conveniently unplug and re-plug them as you need, but makes it far less likely they will accidentally (or by vibration) come loose individually.


Thank you @Paul_B , I will implement it in the next project.

But it is an easy modification to the current one. You remove the “Dupont” shells by lifting the lock tabs just enough with a (sewing) needle or smallest jeweller’s screwdriver to slip the pin out so that the sleeve could be re-used if you ever needed it, and slip the pins into the new shells.

The shells generally come as a separate item.

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Thank you for the suggestion

I am really excited to see if using these modules will really help?

See this PDF:

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Thank you @LarryD . Time to buy new instruments. :slight_smile:

I think I have one last question to close this issue.

I want to use these modules one for 5V and one for 12V

My questions:

  1. Is this good strategy to keep power circuit isolated from the board? I say this because for power circuit, I will use a 12VDC, 10A power supply.
  2. The datasheet is giving some additional elements. Is it really required, or can I avoid it? Specially I want to avoid the inductor shown in the following schematic.

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