Relay shield or motor shield?

I want to make a "target box" for my rifle and or BB guns that will have 4 or 5 moving targets that will appear and disappear behind a wall via stepper motors moving at different speeds and ranges of motion. My question is should I use a relay shield or a motor shield? I will be using 4 or 5 28BYJ-48 stepper motors at 5V. Thank you, any and all advice is much appreciated!


Could you please explain why I would need 4 relays per motor? The way I was thinking of using them was to program the arduino to tell each relay ( 4 to aboard that each have a NO and NC contact) to open or close at a set time while also being able to program the speed and posistion of the stepper motors? Or would this only work with a normal DC motor and not a stepper motor?