Relay (shinmei rsb-12-s) Not Behaving As I Expected


I'm new to electronics and have wired up a relay (shinmei rsb-12-s) as part of an experiment.

See my breadboard wiring below. The circuit is being fed 12v (1 amp) and when powered, the yellow LED lights up.

I'm expecting the yellow LED to go out and the red LED to light up when I press the pushbutton.

Instead just the yellow LED goes out - nothing goes with the red one. I've checked that both LEDs are in the right way and that both work. - If I swap the LEDs over (leaving the legs in the same orientation) I just get a red LED that goes out when I press the button.

The relay is switching OK (or seems to be). I've got an identical relay which I've opened up and repeated the test while testing the contacts inside and when pressing the pushbutton the contact leading to the red LED receives the power.

Can someone tell me why the red LED remains unlit, even though it seems to be receiving power please (honestly, it's in the right way).

Cheers in advance

It looks to me like you have the relay wired wrong.
The "common" contacts on that relay are the ones closest to the coil with the "normally closed" contacts in the middle and the "normally open" contacts furthest away from the coil.

You're right.

Thanks very much for that :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

Relays usually have the common contact(S) away from the others as it is connected to the
moving arm at the hinge side. Not like pots where the wiper is generally in the middle