Relay Sponge in my brain

Arduino is awesome!

Yes, I am a newbie and I absolutely love what I have seen and done. Eventually I will make to my LED project but for now Christmas is around the corner and I want to move toward automating my lights like so many others.

I have tested with a single Relay and it works great BUT I want more.

Is there a good affordable source for Relay boards (compatible with Arduino Uno) for controlling AC powered devices like Christmas lights? Either 4 or 8 relays.

I would consider building it myself but when I go to my local electronics store I just get a blank stare from the sales people and end up leaving frustrated. Plus, I am a visual learner so pictures/video showing EXACTLY how to build it would be incredibly awesome.

Thanks for any help!

I should have learned electronics in high school rather than do band. LOL


They don't come much cheaper than this model


You're right. I just wish it was here in the states. International shipping stinks. Too many burns for me.

Thanks btw

They ship direct to USA (free) and my experiences of buying from China have all been good

Done! Just ordered one.

So if I get burned I am coming after you...LOL