Relay SRC-S-06VDC

I try a SRC-S-06VDC on my Arduino.
I can hear it ticking when I put 5V on the coil:
both contacts that should open really open, but the ones that should close don't! :confused:
Does it really needs the 06V DC?
Thanks for any help, Paul
Somebody got the datasheet?

Well, ask the supplier for a data sheet :slight_smile:
I did not find one when I googled "SRC-S-06VDC" Also I think a 6V relay is just too much for an Arduino.
Is there something else printed on the relay, maybe a manufacturer's name?
What are you trying to switch? There are (5V-)relays small enough to be driven directly by an Arduino if your demands are low

Does it look like a blue icecube.
Try adding "Songle" in your search.

Most relays will stay on on a lower voltage, but need the rated voltage to turn on.
I doubt you will find the info if that relay will fully turn on on 5volt.

I hope you're not trying to drive it straight from an Arduino pin.
Most relays like this have ~60mA coils, and need an external transistor/resistor/diode.
Then you also have the option of supplying it with a higher voltage.

Well it looks like this one but says SRC-S-06VDC on the top.
Many thanks for the help, I forget it on Arduino for now.