i am planning to do this Arduino-SSR heating element(khantal). i had already menus using lcd and each choices have different setpoints of temperature will PWM work here? or just on/off? and do i need an addiotional component like transistor in between the arduino and ssr? if ever what kind of transistor(specifically)

P.S: i have k type thermocouple and and an amplifier that as the initial temperature get closer to the desire temp. the arduino will signal the ssr to maintain the temperature for a while(Soaking time). i also planning to view monitor that as the temperature increases it will be shown in the screen including the time elapsed.

Materials in hand: ( just to picture out what will i be doing) Arduino SSR k type thermocouple MAX31855(Amplifier) lcd 16x2 w/ i2c 4 push buttons ( for selecting)


Arduino can drive (most) SSR directly. Point to the SSR you are using.

You can turn the SSR on and off (Like 0 to 2 seconds on). That is "PWM" for loads with a long time constant. What is your heater like?

khantal(coiled), do i need extra components in between? i am quite not sure about if it can do like this.

ex. menu item 1(set point 500 deg), when the temp is reached it will maintain for the soaking time menu item 2 ( setpoint 800 deg), same ^.

as you see at my top post sir i am wanted to monitor the time and temp for the process, but it seem in order to that you bought built-in pid in your proj from the previous topic, that is why i am asking if my proj in though would be working or is there any need to buy another components.