Relay - switch lower voltages?

Hello together,

could there be any problem switching lower voltages with a relay than specified on it?

For example let's look at this relay:

I read voltages "AC250V 10A", "DC30V 10A", "DC125V 10A", "DC26V 10A".

So is it ok to switch for example "DC12V 10A" with this relay?

Next question: It should be switched with 5V logic. Would 3V also ok?

Thank you very much!

The voltage and current data for the outputs are maxima. Anything lower is OK.

I suspect the relays will need to be controlled with 5v but it may be worth trying them with 3v. Be sure to measure the current-draw from the I/O pins to make sure they are not being overloaded.


Ok thanks!

May I suggest you get just ONE relay and see how long it will switch the 10 amps you are switching. Then if you are satisfied, build the complete project.

The specs are NOT for continuous service.


As long as amperage is below the rated, you'll be fine. It's a limit. You are allowed to be below it.

But do not forget that inductive loads like motors, will pull a lot more current (like ten times) while starting, than the nominal current usually displayed on that load.
Your relay will not like that, even though this high current is just brief.