Relay triggered with 1 wire input

Hello guys im am very new at this so dont shoot me haha. i am basically trying to control a motor to switch forward for 5 sec when the arduino receives a negative input trigger .and switch forward when the negative trigger is removed and turn off after 5 sec. i have concluded that i might end up needing 3 relays in total 2 for motor to switch polarity and then 1 relay to shut voltage completly. am i even close to being correct or way off any input would help

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Its possible, but what is the source of the "negative input" trigger. What is the application?

Do you mean the input is normally HIGH, say 5V and goes LOW to 0V, to trigger?

So when the input [u]goes[/u] LOW the motor runs forward for 5Sec. When the input [u]goes[/u] HIGH the motor again runs forward for 5Sec.

What is the spec/data on the motor.

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Like TomGeorge i would like to help you.

However, I do not really understand which problem you want to solve.

If you are using a DC motor a single DPDT relay will be sufficient to change the direction of motion and you will need a second relay to turn it off and on.

Or, if you need to control the speed you could use a h-bridge motor driver.