Relay v 0.4 question


I have exactly this relay module:

but it is different from the conventional ones from what I see. I can't find where to connect the digital pin because there is no inscription in the module and searching on I can't find it. Could someone tell me? Sorry for the ignorance, I'm a newbie to Arduino.


That is for an ESP01 module. Use a meter to trace the pins.

What is it you want to connect?

This module is specifically designed to operate the relay from the ESP-01. Do you wish to connect something else to the ESP?

I am not sure whether I have one here (or am still waiting on some on the slow boat from Wuhan :grin:) but I will look for it later and figure out which connection is for the relay and if anything else is actually connected.

I was able to find out what the connection pin was.

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