relay with arduino

dear people

I have made a project with relays. but the relays itself make a lot of noise when they switch.

is there anyone who knows how I can restrict the sound of the relays? or are there relays which don't make sound?



Solid-state relays may simply hum to themselves, quietly.

solid state relay. or you can make your own solid state relay using TRIAC

I use reed relays with an integrated diode. They are really quiet and the diode handles the back EMF.

Of course, it also depends upon how much current is being switched.

okay, i think i am going to order a solid state relay.

thank you very much

Which type? You have the zero-cross type, the random turn-on type and the fake FOTEK type. Depends on the type of load you're trying to switch ... resistive, inductive, or nothing.

If you're using it for a DC load, you will also want to make sure you choose a mosfet type solid state relay rather than a triac type.