i trie to make a circuit that can switch automaticly between battery and the wall outlet but if i let switch my relay and couses a voltage drop and then resseting the arduino due to power disconecection how can i fix the voltage drop

Don't power the relay from the Due.

that was not wat i ment

i am giving you a circuit

Post a schematic.

You may be able to get away with using super caps to supply power during the switching power time.

Super Cap

As you might see the cap is rated for 2.7V. If 2 are wired in series, so it can handle 5V and place between the output of the relay and ground.

I use a similar power switching thingy but with 4 caps. Works well.

heres my circuit

Yuppers, put the super caps on the relay module output. You may need to build a bank of caps, depending on current draw.

Have you considered using Schottky steering diodes instead of a relay?

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