Relays controlled by time, I'm new to arduino

Hey guys,
I'm new to Arduino and I need to make 6 time controlled lightbulbs for my bio project, first needs to be turned on for 1 hour and then turned off for 1 hour and repeat that pattern, the second lightbulb turned on for 2 hours and then turned off for 2 hours and following this pattern, third lightbulb 4h on and 4h off, fourth 6h on and 6h off, fifth 12h on and 12 off and last one 0,5h on and 0,5h off. I have Arduino UNO, Arduino Ethernet shield 2, YwRobot power supply, Keyes 8-Channel 12V Relay Module, LCD 16x2, 74HC595, PCF8547 and some basic stuff. I don't need any extra features on this project, I hope you guys can help me.



Before the technical helps starts, start here.

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I'd advise designing-in a "turbo" switch to run your timers at a high multiple of real time, to ease testing.