relays operating by bluetooth

hi everyone,

i just wanted to ask as i'm new to this application and programming
my project is to control relays by an android phone using bluetooth; the someone told me about sketch but i couldn't undertsand. my arduino will be mega 2560
so, i want to control 8 relays which will be ON and OFF only without any delay
if anyone can help reply at me by sending the program here or at my email (

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If you want someone to write your code for you then you'd be better off advertising in the Gigs and Collaborations section, along with details of any remuneration you are offering.

Alternatively, post the code you are struggling with and details of where you are having problems.

thanks for replying…
here is the code:

// Basic 4 Realy board connection
// Each relay is turned on for 2 seconds and then off.
// You can here them click as there state changes from off to on and on to
// off.
// You will also see the corresponding Red LED on the 4 Relay board
// light up when the relay is on.

// define names for the 4 Digital pins On the Arduino 7,8,9,10
// These data pins link to 4 Relay board pins IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4

#define RELAY1 6
#define RELAY2 7
#define RELAY3 8
#define RELAY4 9

void setup()
// Initialise the Arduino data pins for OUTPUT
pinMode(RELAY1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY4, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(RELAY1,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 1
delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite(RELAY1,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY2,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 2
delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite(RELAY2,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY3,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 3
delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite(RELAY3,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

digitalWrite(RELAY4,LOW); // Turns ON Relays 4
delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite(RELAY4,HIGH); // Turns Relay Off

so there is 4 relays and i want 8 with no delay.
also i prefer to monitor the situation of the relay over my android phone whether it’s off or on

thanks again

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anyone who could helpp