Hello, I got an arduino starter pack recently from This one:

It includes a 5v DPTD relay. I understand what it's for and how to use it, but I don't know what to look for when buying more. The range available is all a bit confusing.

I want to control some kit which runs at 12v. I've had a look here but looking at the spec it says the voltage (12, 24 or 48) is the coil voltage, and I guess that means the switching side which I need to be at 5v?

I could do with being told what will suit my needs from here, or at least a link to another shop.

Ideally I'd like someone to either explain the difference between the different types of relay, or point me to somewhere that already exists that explains it.

Thanks! CowJam


sp. "DPDT" aka "double-pole, double-throw"

You need to get the manufacturer's code off the relay to get the contact rating (the sort of voltages and currents it will switch). It will probably be OK with 12V up to maybe a couple of amps.

This will switch up to 2 amps @ 30 volts. Has a 5 volt coil.

It also is the same manufacturer of the one you have. Not sure if you are specifically looking for something in the UK though. But maybe that will give you a starting point.

Actually it seems that should be the exact relay you have, based on the pictures of the kit. wiki relay :wink:

Thanks all.